Commercial Loan Process

View our painless commercial loan process below. It will walk you through the steps to settle a commercial loan. One of our friendly finance brokers looks forward to assisting every step of the way.

    1. Connect with one of our industry leading finance brokers either in person or over the phone.
      Through our conversation we will be able to search through hundreds of loan products to find the right loan to suit your needs. This will be determined by your finance needs, borrowing capacity, credit check, and serviceability of loan repayments.

    2. Quotes from lenders:
      Based on the information you initially provide us, indicative quotes from various lenders are acquired.We will let you know which lenders will best suite your requirements and the interest rates associated.

    3. Core documents & application:
      We will request the “core documents” required to submit your application.A meeting with your broker will be arranged to complete the application form to be submitted for pre-approval with the most suitable lender.

    4. Conditional approval:
      The lender will offer conditional approval, pending property valuations and any additional information that may be required

    5. Unconditional approval:
      Once the lenders assessment team have reviewed your application, completed credit checks, and the valuations on property have been completed, unconditional approval is then offered.

    6. Loan settlement:
      Your broker will arrange for your to sign the final finance contract and theloan will then be finalised. The lender will contact your accountant directly to obtain any additional documents required. Funds will then be dispersed upon the settlement date. 

    7. Keeping in touch:
      Our services don’t end here, we will review your loan regularly to ensure you have the most competitive home loan now and in the future.


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