Vehicle & Equipment Loan Process

View our painless vehicle and equipment loan process below. It will walk you through the steps to settle a vehicle or equipment loan. One of our friendly finance brokers looks forward to assisting every step of the way.

1. Contact Propel Finance
Get in touch over the phone or via email. Through the initial conversation one of our industry leading finance brokers will ascertain your finance needs. We will then be able to quote you instantly through our online quoting facility which can access 14 lenders. This quote will be forwarded to you along with privacy statement.

2. Application

Once you have reviewed the quotes provided and wish to apply, please forward the privacy statement via email. The application can then be completed over the phone with your finance broker.

3. Loan conditionally approved

Based on valuation, insurance, and suppliers invoice, unconditional approval can be met.

4. Finance documents to be signed

Finance contract will be sent out by the lender. Your finance broker will be available to answer any questions you may have. Return your signed finance documents to the lender.

5. Loan settlement

Upon settlement the lender will be in touch to confirm the disbursement of funds to the supplier. You are now free to pick up your new vehicle or equipment.

6. Keeping in touch

Our services don’t end here, we will review your loan regularly to ensure you have the most competitive home loan now and in the future.

7. If you’re happy with our services, please refer your friends.

Obtaining finance is easier than you think.

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